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Flexiform Waffle 3gang brown

Flexiform Waffle 3gang brown


Wafer shape
Whether in heart shape or in the Belgian rectangular variant, wafers are among the most popular delicacies in Germany. The waffle set consists of two moulds, each with three rectangular recesses, so that six waffles can be easily produced at once. Simply put the waffle dough into the heat-resistant dish and place it in the preheated oven. The result is crispy wafers that are evenly browned on all sides. The reusable Flexiform made of silicone not only looks elegant, but is also easy to clean and can easily be put in the dishwasher after use. The time-consuming cleaning of the waffle iron is therefore a thing of the past, as is the overflowing of excess dough. The flexible wafer moulds are non-stick and allow easy removal of the wafers from the mould. Thanks to the practical two sets, six waffles are ready at once and nobody has to wait for the pleasure anymore. Whether as a dessert with red fruit jelly and vanilla ice cream or sprinkled with icing sugar with coffee, wafers remain a popular classic with young and old.


We have the original: LURCH FLEXI-FORM was the first platinum silicone baking mould in Germany. Silicone has become the standard material for cooking, baking and freezing. ORIGINAL FLEXI-FORM is still the most popular and highest-quality brand on the market today - and impresses with its outstanding properties: - Absolutely non-stick - Easy to clean - Dishwasher-safe - Resistant to fruit acids and sourdough - Space-saving for storage Our baking tins are both flexible and stable thanks to their high use of materials. The largest assortment on the market ranges from standard moulds such as the Gugelhupf to a variety of special moulds for decorative baking. Quality inspires: ORIGINAL FLEXI-FORM is produced from 100 % platinum silicone. You can tell - and enjoy the difference.

Material: 100% silicone

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