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Flexiform muesli bars

Flexiform muesli bars


Muesli bars shape
Many have known them since childhood: Muesli bars. Our mothers have already put this healthy and energy-supplying alternative to chocolate bars in their school bags. Today the muesli bars should not only be sweet, but also healthy. What's better than making your own bars with your favorite cereal? Refined with nuts or dried fruits, you will become a real treat and your new favourite snack during your lunch break. With the new silicone mould, our favourite muesli bars can always be easily made by yourself.

The easy cleaning in the dishwasher means that the mould can be used again and again and new creations can be tried out

With the Flexiform from Lurch you get six muesli bars that are 11 cm long, 4 cm wide and 1.75 cm deep

So they have exactly the right size for the small hunger in between! The brown baking tin is made of food-safe silicone and, thanks to its flat design, hardly takes up any space in the kitchen cupboard

Due to the circumferential edge, the shape is very stable, but also remains flexible at the same time, so that the muesli bars can be easily removed from their shape. The longevity of the shape allows it to be used for many years and thus delights new generations who, thanks to this shape, can enjoy homemade muesli bars.

The form has a circumferential edge for better grip. Recipe booklet with two recipes attached.
The only form on the market that can perfectly shape energy or muesli bars

Material: 100 % platinum silicone

Food safe, tasteless, fruit acid resistant

With recipes

Dishwasher safe


Step 1

As a first step, boil butter, honey and sugar briefly together.

Step 2

Next add the butter-sugar-honey mixture immediately to the muesli mixture and mix well.

Press the mass evenly into the moulds. It helps to moisten the hands a little so that the mass sticks less to the hands.

Step 3

Now place the mould in the oven and let it dry at 130° C circulating air for approx. 30 minutes in the oven.


30g butter

45g honey

60g cane sugar

250g muesli mixture to taste


11 cm


4 cm


1.75 cm

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