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Flexiform Tortelett Heart 6er Set Pastel Mix

Flexiform Tortelett Heart 6er Set Pastel Mix

Classic cakes, hearty breads, creative cakes baking tins, accessories & ingredientsBaking

has never been out and is now more popular than ever before. Two particular trends can be identified: Whether baking bread with yeast or sourdough and creatively baking decorative cakes with fondant, Lurch uses 100% platinum silicone in original FLEXI®FORM quality, from classic shapes to cake pops

Ingredients for 12 muffins:

150g soft butter2



bottle butter-vanilla-flavour150g

vanilla yoghurt125g



sachet baking powder


Step 1

: Cream butter with sugar, eggs and flavour

. Step 2

: Stir in yoghurt, flour, cornflour and baking powder

. Step 3

: Pour the dough into the mould.

Step 4

: Bake at 170 degrees on mid-rail for 20-25 minutes (10 degrees less circulating air)

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