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Flexiform Heart Cotton Candy

Flexiform Heart Cotton Candy

Half portions for the whole treat!

One of the four forms from the KAFFEEKRÄNZCHEN series. Suitable for the production of pastries and more for 1-4 persons. Also wonderful as a casserole dish. Includes delicious recipe for a Red Velvet cake.

The special: No greasing necessary - the pastry dissolves easily.

Also suitable for heating in the microwave. Desserts can also be frozen in the freezer.

FLEXI-FORM - Series: We have the originalLURCH

FLEXI-FORM was the first platinum silicone baking mould in Germany. Silicone has become the standard material for cooking, baking and freezing.

ORIGINAL FLEXI-FORM is still the most popular and highest-quality brand on the market today - and impresses with its outstanding properties: - Absolutely non-stick - Easy to clean - Dishwasher-safe - Resistant to fruit acids and sourdough - Space-saving for storage Our baking tins are both flexible and stable thanks to their high use of materials. The largest assortment on the market ranges from standard moulds such as the Gugelhupf to a variety of special moulds for decorative baking. Quality inspires: ORIGINAL FLEXI-FORM is produced from 100 % platinum silicone. You notice that - and enjoy the difference

  • FlexiForm made of 100 percent platinum silicone
  • Food safe, tasteless, fruit acid resistant
  • Maximum non-stick effect
  • With recipe for Red Velvet cake
  • Dishwasher safe



: Platinum-silicone COLOUR

: Cotton candy MEASUREMENTS

: 22 cm x 20 cm x 6 cm


20 cm


6 cm


22 cm

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CHF 24.00