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The People's Poncho Black 2.0

The People's Poncho Black 2.0

The People's Poncho

Cycling, travelling, camping, walking, hiking, trekking, open air parties:

No matter what you're up to, The People's Poncho won't leave you out in the rain!

Made of the finest, exclusive Japanese polyester, which is even said to give superhuman strength.

Absolutely waterproof and comfortable to wear, this poncho is safe to say the least.

Equipped with cyclist-friendly features such as extra reflective stripes for more visibility, practical cuffs to prevent stupid fluttering and extra straps inside to keep legs warm and dry.

The People's Poncho

Founded in 2016 and inspired by China, where people move undisturbed by wet weather under the protection of a simple, lightweight poncho at all times. A poncho that meets the needs of people around the world, rainwear you can rely on for every outdoor adventure!

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CHF 109.00

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