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Card Case Click & Slide Gold

Card Case Click & Slide Gold

Tru Virtu

The TRU VIRTU® "CLICK & SLIDE" card case is not much bigger than a credit


At the touch of a finger, a maximum of 5 plastic cards (mix of max. 4 embossed and 1 smooth card) slide out automatically in a staggered manner. The clever "One-Touch" technology makes the card case easy to use with just one hand. The "CLICK & SLIDE" card case protects your cards against illegal data theft from NFC/RFID chips and demagnetization. Compact and super slim it fits in every pocket and prevents cards from bending and breaking. Made in Germany.


Weight: 0.06 kg Height: 0.99 cm Length: 0.65 cm Width: 0.9 cm
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CHF 59.00

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