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Garlic slicer stone grey/white

Garlic slicer stone grey/white


Small format - big impact

Garlic is at home in almost all cultures. The popular spice can be found in oriental dishes such as hummus or lamb dishes, in delicious Indian curries and in South America as a hot note in salsas and marinades.
Pizza, pasta, pesto, bruschetta ... aioli, tsatsiki ... tapas or seafood - even in Mediterranean cuisine the spice of the small tuber is indispensable.
Garlic is unique because it is healthy and versatile. It goes perfectly with fish, meat, grill or vegetable dishes and refines casseroles and soups. In homemade garlic butter it is a delight with grilled scampi, steak, baguette or potatoes. And marinated in oil it serves as a spicy base for salads and sauces.

With the Lurch garlic slicer

you always get the perfectly cut garlic, no matter whether you want to roast it, steam it or cook it as an aroma enhancer.
Thanks to its two ultra-sharp blades, the finest cubes or slices are produced in a flash. Simply place the garlic on the blade insert and push the lid down without any effort. Within seconds, the accurate result falls directly into the collection container, which you can remove for clean dosing. Your hands do not come into contact with the smell of garlic. This little all-rounder is also suitable for chili and other vegetables and is therefore ideal for seasoning directly at the table.

  • Cuts garlic, ginger etc. into smallest cubes and slices
  • With two stainless steel blade inserts
  • Including collecting container
  • Dishwasher safe

Material: plastic / stainless steel


7 cm


6.5 cm

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CHF 30.00