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KeyKeepar - Key Manager Aluminium Black

KeyKeepar - Key Manager Aluminium Black


KeyKeepa replaces the classic bunch of keys. No more stabbing piles of keys stuck in the back pocket.

Easy to use

The KeyKeepa is quickly assembled. Their organisational talent holds them all: 1 - 12 keys, whether short or long, a bottle opener and various tools. The opposite plates are arranged asymmetrically, so you can easily reach any key. Due to the built-in retaining rings, it is no longer necessary to tighten the screws.

Quality and 100% Made in Germany

Noble, light and robust. Whether made of scratch-resistant anodised aluminium, high-quality stainless steel or PEFC-certified wood. All parts and production steps, from the smallest mother to the finishing of the metal or wooden boards, are manufactured and carried out with great attention to detail, always MADE IN GERMANY.


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CHF 42.00