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Tone35 - Wall Clock White

Tone35 - Wall Clock White

The brushed stainless steel case and the timeless design of the dial form the basis for a true classic. While you can hear a distinct ticking sound in most watches, the Huygens watch features an innovative movement that produces complete silence (and
the exact time) in any room. You will receive a clock with a stainless steel case and a high quality movement, which continues the legacy of Christiaan Huygens, the inventor of the first accurate time indicator, the pendulum clock.
  • All Huygens clocks are tested to ensure they meet all our quality standards.
  • Silent movement.
  • Made from high quality recyclable materials.
  • Dutch design.
  • Registered design.
  • Grösse

    Durchmesser 35 cm

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    CHF 79.00