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Chocloc red-white

Chocloc red-white

  • Protects chocolate cream from predators. Day and night.
  • Reliably secures screw caps of various spreads by different ring diameters on the top and bottom side!
    (e.g.. Schokomac, Nutella (various sizes 400g, 450g, 500g, 750g or 1000g), Bionella, Alnatura (chocolate nut), Caotina (cream chocolate), Nulacta, Choko Duo, Nussetti Duo, Choko Creme, Chocremo, Nussa Duo and others)

  • With desired number code
  • "Iron" helper against nocturnal chocolate cream orgies
  • Ideal way to the bikini figure
  • Upcycling: Empty screw glass becomes a money box with Chocloc.

Delivery (unfortunately) without spread glass!

Just like Wilhelm Busch:

"Abstinence is the pleasure of things we don't get."

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CHF 19.90

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