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Mini chopper stone grey/white

Mini chopper stone grey/white


Mini chopper stone grey/white
Garlic, onions and chillies have one thing in common:
They are the basis of countless dishes and provide special aromas and spices.

Garlic alone is an indispensable ingredient in the kitchens of the world. Its spicy aroma refines soups, sauces, salads and gives fish, meat and vegetable dishes a very special touch. The onion is just as popular because it is also incredibly versatile. You can stew them, fry them, stew them, caramelise them, roast them and also enjoy them raw. The fiery chilli provides in marinades, dips, spreads or a delicious herb butter for the hot aroma. All these ingredients are widely used and must be prepared for cooking as quickly as possible.

Lightning fast & effective
The Lurch Mini Hacker is your ingenious kitchen aid to make your work in the kitchen easier. In daily use, the robust appliance processes small quantities effectively and with great time savings. The extremely sharp stainless steel blades rotate through light, effortless pressing of the lid and chop your vegetables at lightning speed. The uniform result is collected in the integrated storage container. From there you can fill the chopped ingredients comfortably into the pan, pot or plate or keep them fresh in the refrigerator closed with the lid. Your hands always remain free of unpleasant odours and active ingredients. After use, you can dismantle the mini chopper in a few easy steps and clean it effortlessly. Thanks to its compact mini format, the unit fits into any cupboard or drawer.

Material: plastic / metal


6 cm


13.50 cm

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CHF 19.90