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Apple peeler stone grey

Apple peeler stone grey


how healthy apples are, not only says the famous English phrase.
Apples are true vitamin bombs, have few calories and supply valuable nutrients.
The choice in the trade is huge. Besides Boskop, Elstar and Golden Delicious there are countless varieties. The apple is quite rightly the most popular type of fruit of the Germans - and in addition very versatile.

Whether for muesli, fruit salad, cake, strudel, apple sauce, smoothies or pure as a snack for children - with the Lurch apple peeler the peel is removed in a flash. Even large quantities can be peeled handschoned like on an assembly line. And in an incredibly short time!
It's impressive how easy it is:
Simply skewer the apple straight onto the mandrel and turn the crank smoothly. The extremely sharp stainless steel blade fits exactly to the contours and turns around the complete apple in seconds. The shell is peeled off precisely and very thinly. All important vitamins are preserved and the fresh apple unfolds its full aroma.

The Lurch apple peeler is also optically a perfection. The transparent, stylish housing made of high-quality plastic provides an insight into the interesting gear technology inside.
In addition, the apple peeler is equipped with suction feet that ensure a secure stand.

Peel a complete apple in ten seconds! Especially when it comes to peeling many apples, for example for a cake or preserving apple sauce, working with the peeler is a clear relief. To peel the apple, all you have to do is put it on the skewer, which offers optimal hold due to its length. The stainless steel blade allows you to work quickly and effortlessly. Thanks to the high-quality plastic and the spare blade you will enjoy using the apple peeler for many years.

  • Removes the skin of apples in a wafer-thin layer
  • Fast and effortless work
  • High-quality plastic
  • Stainless steel blade
  • With spare blade

Material: plastic / stainless steel


26 cm

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CHF 36.00