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The star christening - certificate and star chart framed

The star christening - certificate and star chart framed

International Star Registry - Das Original seit 1979

The star christening is one of the most beautiful and imaginative gift ideas ever. A gift of supreme symbolic power.

The Sterntaufe gift package consists of a 41 cm x 31 cm parchment paper certificate, which you receive in a high-quality frame. Elegant calligraphy shows the telescopic coordinates, the desired name and the desired date. Included in the package is a 62 cm x 41 cm star map showing the position of your star within the constellation. Also entered are the complete coordinates, the strength (brightness) of the star and the reference number of the NASA "Hubble Guide Star Catalog".

You will also receive a booklet on astronomy written by Dr. James Richard, Director of the Astronomical Foundation, which will help you find your star.

The star data and the new names are sent to ISR headquarters in the USA, where they are entered in the register. The register is published every three to four years under the name "Your Place in the Cosmos".

The original: Since 1979, the International Star Registry has registered over two million stars worldwide for famous people and loved ones.

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