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The world of cake - Book

The world of cake - Book

A must for all those who love cakes and a really great and unusual gift is this cake book, which not only convinces with its content, but also with its design: The seductive chocolate cake in a stylish cake box not only looks real, but also smells like it! Wonderfully chocolaty with large chocolate shavings and fine sugar writing this book has really camouflaged itself perfectly! The original book for the living room table with the convincingly tasty-looking cover not only looks great and smells like it, inside it is also worth knowing and interesting: On 164 pages, the inclined reader is introduced not only history but also the cake specialties of various countries, detailed and provided with great photos and recipes. From Sachertorte to Dundee Cake to Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte and Tiramisu, the cake lover will find everything a connoisseur's heart desires here! no coffee table of a connoisseur of great baked goods should have to go on without this book! Not only does it look great and offer a lot of exciting reading, it also simply makes you want to bake and enjoy. An original gift that every hobby baker and cake fan will enjoy for a long time! A must for every pastry fan and a really great gift is this cake book as a real cake!
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CHF 45.00