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Green Celebrations - Sunflower

Green Celebrations - Sunflower


Our "Green Celebrations" are ideal gifts and small gifts that will bring a smile to the face of every recipient

The lovingly, handmade congratulation cubes with high-quality, individual laser treatment are perfect as a birthday or Christmas present or just to say thank you.

The cubes are made of native alder wood from Austria. They are filled with a special nutrient granulate and plant seeds. We use organic seeds for a large part of the seeds and the nutrient granulate used is also approved for organic farming. According to the motto "I am from Austria" our Green Celebrations are manufactured in our own production in Austria.

Simply remove the closure sticker from the cube, water and place in a light, warm place.
After a few days the small, green plants appear and come to life
With good care, the plants will be big enough to be repotted after only a few months.

Here the whole cubus can simply be transplanted into a container with soil or into the open air. The 100% compostable cube thus becomes a valuable nutrient for the plant.


7.5 cm


7.5 cm


7.5 cm

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