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CigarSpa - wellness for cigars

CigarSpa - wellness for cigars


CigarSpa was developed to be used in almost all existing humidors. Because humid air is lighter than dry air, CigarSpa

on the bottom and is not fixed in the lid. Compared to the conventional system, CigarSpa needs a little more space, but:

better a few good cigars than many bad ones.

CigarSpa indicates when the cigar has reached the optimal humidity. CigarSpa uses the unique membrane evaporation system to humidify cigars. The moisture is produced slowly and continuously and is constantly checked.


- fits in almost every humidor

- simple operation

- Humidity value can be set individually between 55% and 75%

- all essential data are shown on the display

- Water must ONLY be refilled every 4-6 months

- Batteries last over 2 years

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CHF 362.00