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Hemp Chnübi - Skin care with Swiss hemp sediment

Hemp Chnübi - Skin care with Swiss hemp sediment


No, nothing to smoke - but strong intensive skin care with Swiss hemp sediment. This 100% natural skin care product is very suitable for heavily stressed skin areas. For extremely dry skin or "reasons".


We develop and produce the Hanf-Chnübi ourselves in patient manual work in Frutigen. This allows us complete control over the use of carefully selected ingredients. Proven, traditional and local recipes inspired us to do this.

The Hanf-Chnübi is just not a cream, but a Chnübi. This is Frutig-German and would probably be translated into High German as "Block" or "Stück". The chunge is hard. Only by rubbing and by the body warmth the hemp-Chnübi releases its precious ingredients to the skin. For example, it ensures smooth and nourished hands.


The Hanf-Chnübi is produced with Swiss hemp sediment, hemp oil, gems fat from Swiss hunting, Bernese Oberland beeswax and many other valuable ingredients. Exclusively from natural raw materials from the Alps - where possible from our immediate surroundings. If possible, we cultivate the herbs and flowers in the Kander Valley in the Bernese Oberland. These plants provide a valuable livelihood for wild bees and honeybees

Our Hanf-Chnübi contains no artificial additives. There are no paraffins or other petroleum derivatives and no artificial preservatives, fragrances or dyes contained.


Bernese Oberland beeswax, Swiss rapeseed oil (from controlled organic cultivation), hemp sediment, hemp oil, grape seed oil, vegetable fat, wheat germ oil, mountain houseleek, fir resin, propolis, rosemary, peppermint and thyme.

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