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Suprella - Umbrella

Suprella - Umbrella


Suprella turns the umbrella upside down - in the truest sense of the word.

The most ingenious umbrella of all time opens from the inside to the outside and is therefore twice as robust as a normal umbrella.

With this new locking mechanism you will never get wet, even when getting in and out of a car.

The Suprella is sealed with a special high-tech nano coating so that it does not absorb moisture and moisture, but the raindrops roll off the material. The umbrella remains dry and does not have to be left to dry

The unusually shaped handle of the Suprella also lies comfortably in the hand. Due to its double-layer construction, the wet side is inside and the dry side is outside when the Suprella reversible umbrella is closed. UV-resistant

Height: 85 cm and a diameter of 2-3 cm when folded. When open, the diameter is approximately 110 cm

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only CHF 65.00 instead of CHF 99.00