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KeyKeepar - Key Manager Loop Cappucino

KeyKeepar - Key Manager Loop Cappucino


The KEYKEEPA LOOP is easy to assemble and quick to deploy. Up to 7 keys find their place due to the different lengths of the extensions. Due to the different thicknesses of the keys, the spacer rings supplied can be used to compensate for any differences in height.

Once the KEYKEEPA Loop has been successfully installed, the screws no longer need to be tightened thanks to the rubber rings. Make sure that the screws are tightened only by hand.

Worldwide unique leather - EcoPELL!

Through vegetable tanning from valuable and sustainable tanning agents, as well as through heavy metal-free dyeing with synthetic colours,

our used leather is unique.

Of course, natural leather cannot look like a flawless piece from a 3D printer, so the leather used has authentic natural features that underline its naturalness.

No chemical finishes are used here at all,

which rob the leather of its natural character

and make it an interchangeable mass product.

See for yourself. Produced in a sustainable and socially acceptable way,

handmade in Germany.

  • Exclusive KEYKEEPA from genuine Ecopell natural leather, sustainable production, high-quality leather
  • KEYKEEPA's talent for organisation holds them all: 1 to 7 keys and an eyelet for car keys, trailers and more

  • EASY TO USE: the KEYKEEPA is quickly assembled! The keys are attached to one side of the loop and can then be exposed with one hand.

  • DELIVERY: Assembly instructions, sufficient washers for up to 7 keys, a trolley validator with bottle opener and an eyelet.

Special features

  • noble, light and practical
  • handmade in germany
  • for 1 to 7 keys, all inclusive, no separate extension set necessary
  • You can get any key and uncover it with one hand
  • 1 rubber grommet, ensures that the screw no longer has to be retightened

Scope of delivery

  • 1 KEYKEEPA leather straps
  • 1 suspension eye of glass bead-blasted stainless steel
  • Shopping trolley validator with bottle opener
  • 1 Screws
  • 1 nuts
  • 2 screw extensions in 8mm
  • 1 screw extension in 5mm
  • 10 spacer rings
  • 1 Rubber grommet / Prevents the screw from loosening
  • 1 assembly instruction

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CHF 59.90