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Masked BluetoothMask V.2.

Masked BluetoothMask V.2.


The programmable mask!

This customizable face shield keeps you entertained and is an absolute head-turner.

With adjustable ear tabs and built-in wire in the nose area, the face shield can be customized.

Whether at family gatherings, events or on the go. This special mask provides 100% fun and fascinates everyone who sees it.

  • The mask is washable and therefore reusable.
  • Through the sewn filter pocket on the inside of the mask, it is possible to remove and replace the filter regularly. This is a 5-layer PM 2.5mm activated carbon filter. We recommend replacing this at the latest after wearing it ten times
  • Connected to smartphone / Bluetooth / controllable via app

Write what you want: you can have self-written words or texts play on your mask and even control the speed. Draw yourself: Drawing mode lets you draw your own things on your mask. Play effects:

You can have animated arrows or waves run across your mask. Or display hearts, dollar signs or the time as a still image.

Hold the hidden button for 1 second to turn the mask on and off. After that, you can press the same button briefly each time to switch between the beautiful LED modes. And if you don't need your mask anymore, you can store it in the included mask case.

With the included Micro USB charging cable, the mask can be charged. The battery promises a lifetime of about 5000 hours.

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CHF 35.00