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Compact Bag S - MOMO - Foldable Shopping Bag One-Pull (patented) Pink

Compact Bag S - MOMO - Foldable Shopping Bag One-Pull (patented) Pink

Innovative foldable "ONE-PULL" bag, new series 2020! Have you struggled with folding your shopping bag? Have you ever wished for a more beautiful design for your shopping bag? Shupatto is for you - following the origami tradition, Shupatto is an award-winning reusable shopping bag brand designed in Japan. It is the best-selling eco bag in the country and our patented "ONE-PULL" folding system is unique, cleverly designed with accordion folds that allow the bag to expand into a large and roomy piece while instantly closing flat by simply pulling on either end of the bag.Just roll it up and take it with you, it makes you feel good about using it every day because it is eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. The pocket size is a compact bag that is designed to fit in your pocket and be ready to use whenever you need it. It stays with you 24/7 365 days for all those unexpected moments when you feel like making a purchase. It can hold 6 of a 500ml plastic bottle.
Color: Pink
Material: Polyester








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CHF 25.00